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Calculation Methodology of
GHG Emissions

The GHG calculation method for a neighborhood located in São Paulo.

What is this about?

This paper presents the GHG calculation method for a neighborhood located in São Paulo.The GHG emissions were calculated for the three main urban activities in this neighborhood - stationary power, ground transportation and household waste - using as a base, reputable international calculation methodologies adapted to the scale of the neighborhood.


Why is it important?

The direct action in urban areas is essential to the success of global climate change adaptation. Urban areas concentrate today more than half of the world’s population and much of its constructive aspects and economic activities.​


What was my involvement?

My paper was selected to present at the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017, to be held on 5-7 June, in Hong Kong, jointly organized by The Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).

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