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“You can only become really sustainable when compassion is added to wisdom and knowledge.”


I acknowledge that I am a small element of a living Earth. The challenge posed by climate change can be tackled if we, as human collective, add compassion and empathy to knowledge and technology. Only then will we achieve sustainability.

My guiding principle is that connecting our minds and hearts allows us to see climate change not as a catastrophe beyond our control but rather as something that can actually become hope. I want to live in a way that embodies authentic participation in the journey towards a sustainable world.

Climate Leadership

Elevating the conversation about leadership to inspire stewards of the Earth. Climate action requires leaders with moral courage who surpass themselves as business managers to become advocates of their own cause.
Leaders need to be brave to go beyond technology and innovation to achieve a higher, common goal.

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Climate Education

Education is the key to paradigm shift. Learning helps connect our minds and hearts allowing us to live with wisdom and compassion. Sharing science-based knowledge and curated content (podcasts, videos, blog articles, reports and other resources) to empower and inspire Earth stewards for positive climate action.

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